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Environnement Sanivac now has a combined vacuum truck. To offer a new service such as hydro-excavation.

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Welcome to our website

It is with pleasure that the Directorate of Environnement Sanivac welcomes you to its website.

Still expanding, Environnement Sanivac has three locations to serve you: which are Alma, Saguenay and Quebec. Environnement Sanivac is 100% regional and its directors and many partners’ benefits from over 30 years of experience.

During these years, the company has acquired excellent infrastructure, equipment and qualified personnel to offer a personalized service and support to its distinguished clientele in the integrated management of hazardous waste and the recovery and management of waste oils and their derivatives.

Owing to the nature of the services offered and to better meet the demands of its distinguished clientele, the company also specializes in vacuum pumping, cleaning and de-icing pipelines by water pressure, management of accidental spills and environmental decontamination of any kind.

Our Clients

Since its founding, Environnement Sanivac, by the quality and steadfast response to emergencies and the competence of its employees’ services can count on major players in various industries such as :

Industrial and Commercial

  • Hydro-Québec
  • Resolute Forest Products
  • Arbec Forest Products
  • Bell Canada
  • Expertech
  • Arbec Forest Products
  • Car dealership, Saguenay Lac-St-Jean/Québec/Chibougamau-Chapais
  • Oil Company

Maritime sector

  • Transport Desgagnés
  • CSL / group VShips Canada
  • Fisheries and Oceans Canada
  • Ocean Group
  • CAI Nunatsiavut Marine Inc.
  • Etc.